The Owens is a place for families. Visit any day of the week to explore our exhibitions. There is sure to be art that will spark your imagination and give you lots to talk about together.

Once a month we hold Make Something Sundays, a program introduces new materials and ways of working through informal hands-on workshops for kids and their adults.

Extend your visit with an Art Kit, available at the front desk. Art Kits include everything you’ll need for a small art adventure inspired by our exhibitions.

An adult and two children sit on folding stools in a darkened gallery. They hold clipboards and pencils and look towards two large, flat dress-shaped sculptures that hang on the wall.

Current Programs for Families

You Are Here

Seeing Sackville through the Owens Art Gallery Collection

Owens Art Kit

Mini-making activities inspired by our exhibitions

Make Something Sunday To Go

Activities for families

In a gallery an adult and child sit together at a table cluttered with small scraps of cut paper. The adult uses a pair of scissors to cut small pieces of paper while the child watches. Behind them adults and children work at other tables.

Make Something Sunday

Activities for families

Little Library

Available during every Make Something Sunday

Past Programs for Families

The Collage Party

Automatisme Ambulatoire Matinée

A child kneels on the floor of a gallery and draws on a large piece of paper while behind them a group of adults sit on stools facing a wall of paintings.

Drawing in the Galleries

Children and families draw together on a large map in a crowded gymnasium. More groups of families are behind them engaging in different activities.

Family Literacy Day